What other software I need to learn apart from Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash to grow as UI designer?


I want to become a Good User Interface Designer. What all the software can help me. As if now I know Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver.


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You should know HTML, DHTML, and CSS, as well. Your graphics are going to be dropped into a web page. It would be better if you knew how that would impact your graphics.

Dull Jon

3D is going to become increasingly more prevalent in Vista. A good grounding in 3D studio Max and the XAML and XML languages wouldn’t hurt.


you will need to be proficient in HTML and scripting languages like JavaScript, ActionScript to be able to produce quality web UI


Illustrator, which I think people are overlooking. Vector art, for UI is crucial.

XHTML. Learn this. Learn to code up-to-standards. What are “web standards?” http://webstandards.org

CSS, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, Flash, those are widely used and main components of websites these days.

Good Luck!

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